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Welcome to the Lassiter High School Fencing Club! We're here to show students the exciting world of fencing. Whether you're a beginner who's never held an Epee or an experienced fencer looking to hone your skills, there's a place for you in our club.

In Georgia high schools, fencing isn't an official school sport but a fun club activity, and the only weapon used is the Epee. 

Beyond the excitement of competition and the thrill of learning a unique sport, our club is also about fostering personal growth. Fencing is more than just a physical activity—it's a mental game too. It challenges your decision-making skills, promotes discipline, and cultivates strategic thinking. When you join our club, you're not just picking up a new hobby but also developing a sharper mind and stronger character.

Moreover, being a part of the Lassiter High School Fencing Club means you're part of a supportive community. We encourage each other, celebrate every win, big or small, and learn from every defeat. Here, it's not just about being the best fencer; it's about being the best you can be.

​We start our practices at the beginning of the fall semester and continue until the February break. We also participate in tournaments from September through February, usually one or two monthly competitions.

Since the 2007-08 season, we've been proud
Georgia High School Fencing League members. Over the years, our fencers have won individual titles, and we've also competed for the top spot in the Team championship.

So are you ready to embark on a unique adventure? Come, be a part of our team. Take the Epee, face the challenge, and uncover a new side of yourself. Welcome to the Lassiter High School Fencing Club, where fun, friendship, and fencing meet

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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